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Turtle Island leather moccasins
Custom fitted leather moccasins, boots, sandals, bags & beadwork

2019 Faire Schedule

We are now at
The Arizona State Fair!
We are in spaces '603' and '604' inside the Exhibit Building,
also known as the 'shopping pavilion'.

Our selling days are:
October 4th through the 6th,
the 9th thru the 13th,
the 16th thru the 20th,
and the 22nd through the 27th.

We are in the large building in the far lower left.
Click the picture above to enlarge!

Visit their website to learn more...
Click Here !
We'll see you there!

Come and watch us creating footwear
and other leatherwork in our temporary shop on sight.

If you can't join us at the fair, you can come to see us
for your personal fitting session* with Richard
in Snowflake, Arizona.

Snowflake... A great place to live, vacation and save!

* A scheduled appointment IS required for Snowflake! No 'walk in' service!
There is a REQUIRED security/sincerity 'deposit' of $50. for a scheduled appointment to be applied to the actual final cost of your footwear.

Read all about it here!

See you at the Arizona State Fair or in Snowflake!

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Box 2290
Snowflake, AZ 85937
(928) 243-1361

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