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Turtle Island leather moccasins
Turtle Island Moccasins, Box 2290, Snowflake, AZ 85937
(928) 243-1361
Custom fitted leather moccasins, boots, sandals, bags, art & beadwork
Riding / Front-laced Boots
$625 - $875
Here are some samples of [motorcycle] riding boots and front-lace leather [work] boots we have created for our customers click item to view detail - click here for ordering information
Some of the exotic hides and skins that we can get for footwear and purses/murses include
Hippo, Elephant, Ostrich, Alligator, Moose, Python, Shark, Sting-Ray, Kangaroo, Anaconda and more!
(See color note below *)

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For Riders

10-Button Side lace
Riding Boots
  • All heights available
  • Front or Side lace
    (with appropriate
    eyelet/button count)
  • (front-laced boots only)
We can even
them with your bike!
For Lady Riders Too

Side lace Python skin
Riding Boots


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Front lace boots

All heights

With or without heels



Buffalo Hide with Sharkskin Trim
Freddy loves his Front-laced Burgundy Buffalo hide boots with Sharkskin toe & heel wrap
Elk Hide
Water Buffalo Trim
Ankle Padding & 4-yr Aquatred Sole

Biker Boots
with Toe Cap and Shin Cushion,
Buckle Closures, Vibram  lugs

Side-lace Black Bull hide Riding Boots
with 10 Potluck
Celtic Circle &
Celtic Dog buttons
Side-lace Sharkskin Riding Boots
with Sterling Silver buttons
(Click any photo to enlarge. Click again to reduce the photo and view more!)
Specialty Riding Boots
Buffalo hide with Anaconda trim & skulls
Pewter skull buttons
For Monique
(now working with dynamite)

Buffalo Hide with
Shark toe & heel wrap
Side lace 3-Button
10 oz. Buffalo Hide Work Boots
Darryl's walkin' level again ...
with 5/8" lift in right foot

Standard Work Boot Warranty:
5 years of every day wear!!!