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Buffalo (Bison) Hide

We use Buffalo hides for many pair of our footwear.
Buffalo hide is considered a better, superior hide to use. It is heavier that cowhide.


Native Americans have used buffalo hides to make teepees and craft items such as moccasins for millennia. They tanned their hides using castor or other natural oils combined with wood smoke or the bark of oak trees, just as the tanneries in Italy do today. The result is durable leather that is soft, breathable and pliable even if it becomes wet.


Though buffalo are bigger than cows by about half a ton, the hides are smaller, averaging 30 square feet, versus 50 square feet in cowhides. The reason being is that Buffalo hides are not stretched during the tanning process. This preserves their wonderful, desirable grain patterning. Just like a human fingerprint, the patterning on the skin is unique to the bison. As a result, this leather is a work of art and no two skins are exactly alike. This lack of stretching also contributes to the thickness and durability of the leather. Bison leather is very strong, 40 percent stronger than cow leather and is resistant to tearing.

Distinctive Look

Buffalo leather has a very distinctive look that distinguishes it from other leathers. It has a pebbly texture with variations that are unique to the animal. The pebbles can be large or small, or have varying shapes. This unique patterning makes the leather highly sought after as its more distinct than cowhide and gives a bag a rustic chic look.


The durability of buffalo leather is legendary. It is one of the strongest upholstery materials known to man; its strength and elasticity give it high resistance to ripping. It is flame resistant and will not readily burn or melt.


Buffalo leather is easy to clean and has a smooth finish and strong fibers that prevent any penetration of dust, lint, or animal hair an ideal choice for those with allergenic conditions. Cleaning with a soapy cloth directly after a spill is best. We can recommend leather cleaners and conditioners. Buffalo leather responds beautifully to annual conditioning. It develops a rich patina over time that makes it your own "antique".

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