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Turtle Island leather moccasins
Box 2290, Snowflake, AZ 85937
(928) 243-1361

Custom fitted leather moccasins, boots, sandals, bags, art & beadwork
Ordering Information

Custom Fitted moccasins All of the footwear that I make is crafted from foot tracings and castings.

Click here to view detailed instructions on how to wrap your feet for fittings

I am also doing custom arch supports, lifts, and orthotic cushion insoles (constructed as removable inserts). Up to a 1/2 " bone spur cushion and STR (soft tissue replacement) available. We can use elk hide and plastizote heat reduction for diabetics. We can build shoes around braces for MS & MD patients.

  • View Pedorthic Footwear Technology Certificates from Oklahoma State University on our 'About Us' page!

All of our footwear features removable cushion insoles and Vibram soles.

We accept direct payment from your Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Basic Pricing

Moccasins: Buffalo or Bullhide
Shorties 1-3 buttons $720
Calf High 4-6 buttons $820
Knee High 9-10 buttons $920
Thigh Highs (12 + buttons) $1020

For our PREMIER CUSTOM designs additional Costs will apply.   Custom design work (not including materials or labor) for non-standard designs is charged at $85/hour.

Sandals Disposable (5 to 7 years)
conveyor belt soles
Resolable (some over 15 years)
cushion in-soles & various soles available
Also Resolable
cushion in-soles & custom orthotics built in
Purses & Pouches   (for bags with standard materials) $45 and up

For unusual bags, accessory items or exotic materials, additional costs will apply.

(Call or e-mail for specific pricing).


Buffalo Hide
Available Colors

Shoes or boots available in: black, chocolate, mocha, tobacco, butterscotch, turquoise, red, burgundy, wine, orange, gray, purple, pink, pure white and palamino

We also offer Exotic leathers!
Call or e-mail for availability & pricing on all hides.

(Click any photo to enlarge. Click again to reduce the photo and view more!)

  • Leather buttons included at no charge

  • Antler - $12 each

  • Antler crowns- $18 each

  • Metal - $20 and up (each)
    (hand-hammered precious metals)

    Available in Copper, Bronze, Nickel, 999 Silver and 14c Gold buttons.

  • Signature Logo button available -
    1 per pair (top of right boot)

    (Call or e-mail for specific pricing).

    Antler Buttons

  • Antler

    More buttons below!
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    We know we're not the only custom-made moccasin people out there!

    We urge you to compare. 'Shop around' for your moccasins!
    Whether it's your first pair or your next pair, you'll find that at Turtle Island Moccasins, we offer more.

    Here are design choices that we include at no extra charge.

    - your Turtle Island footwear is made of Buffalo or Bull hide!
    Read more on Buffalo hide here!

    - second color of your choice, if desired.

    - all finished edges around the top edge or down the side

    - choice of button strip design

    choices between scalloped, scroll, wave, or point. (examples below!)

    Click any picture to enlarge!

    Point Design

    Scroll Design

    Scallop Design

    Wave Design

    Nstural Edge Design
    Natural edges fringe is
    not included.

    'Vibram Sport Kleet' flat sole is our standard sole.

    'Vibram Sport Kleet' flat sole.

    More sole options below!
    Vibram ® Soles

    These are the Vibram ® soles that we use:




    Hiking sole
    most common,
    good wear
    5/8" heel
    Wedge Crepe sole
    extreme cushion
    very light, fair wear
    1" heel
    'Christy' Work sole
    very long wear
    best for wide feet
    1-1/8" heel
    Standard work sole
    very long wear
    like 109, but with
    1-1/8" heel
    2-3 years wear 6 months -
    1 year wear
    (due to extreme
    & lightness)
    3-5 years wear 3-5 years wear

    Approximate wear times, depending on how the wearer walks.
    Regular resoling is important to keep body aligned and avoid back pain.

    (Click any photo to enlarge. Click again to reduce the photo and view more!)

    Reconstructed Shoes

    These 15-year shoes, originally made with conveyor belt soles, were completely deconstructed and rebuilt
    with Vibram soles