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Turtle Island leather moccasins
Custom fitted leather moccasins, boots, sandals, bags & beadwork
Some of the exotic hides and skins that we can get for footwear and purses/murses include
Hippo, Elephant, Ostrich, Alligator, Moose, Python, Shark, Sting-Ray, Kangaroo, Anaconda and more!
Happy Feet People
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You've heard the saying... 'A picture is worth a thousand words!
So, here are pictures of Turtle Island Moccasins "Happy Feet People''

Our customers, tell our story!

It's our Service to Pleasure your feet!
See Page 2 of 'Happy Feet People"!
(See color note below *)

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Jack Courtney

Makes me happy to see
them being worked in already.
Stormin' Norm Morrow Still one of the 'funnest' pairs
I have ever done

B's Mom Little D.

Angel G. - napping!
I have slept like this
Joe Lee & friend Little Mamba & Big Momba
Debora Stewart Laird Randy H. Stewart

Heidi Litchenburg Reneau

Jon Reneau
John Reese Cooper Jr Bronwyn Hawke and Ivar Nokson
Gordy Closeup of Gordy's boots!
Guy Harris Ken Doner
Mark Smitty Smith Keith and Patty Chadwick
Andrew Rizzo Lyn-Heather Bell in his Mess Dress's
Beth Holland More on Page 2!

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Christine, Fellon and Mark Todd Prince
(Click any photo to enlarge. Click again to reduce the photo and view more!)